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  • Trainspotting20

    23rd August 2013

    Irvine Welsh celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic Trainspotting.

  • Irvine Welsh talks to London Real

    26th June 2013

    Irvine Welsh talks to London Real about his new book Skagboys, the upcoming movie Filth based on his book starring James McAvoy, the evolution of the heroin market in Leith in the 1990s, and why he enjoys living in America.

  • Skagboys out in paperback now!

    11th April 2013

    Skagboys, the number one bestselling prequel to the iconic Trainspotting, is out in paperback now!

Film News

Filming has wrapped on the adaptation of Irvine Welsh's controversial novel, Filth. It is directed by Jon Baird and stars James McAvoy as Bruce Robertson.